Working with CSV

NextGrid can save and load Cell Data to CSV (Comma Separated Values).


NextGrid's does not has design-time support for import/export of Cell Data in CSV.


NextGrid's has built-in support for (de)serializing Cell Data in CSV format.

Exporting Cell Data

Exporting Cell Data is done by using:

CsvSerializeData(String csvOutputFile, nxCsvSetup Setup)

Importing Cell Data

Importing Cell Data is done by using:

CsvDeserializeData(String csvInputFile, nxCsvSetup Setup)
The nxCsvSetup is used to control the export format and can be used to define:

1. the type of quotes to be used,
2. the value separator (like , or ;),
3. the line separator (like crlf),
4. addition of a header,
5. export of an extra column containing level information so an nxTreeColumn can also be exported.

Due to restrictions in the CSV format not all cells can be exported to CSV.

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