Serialisation of NextGrid6

Grid can save own structure (Columns) and content (Rows and Cells) into various formats.

What's new in v6

In version 5 (and earlier) all Save/Load methods are placed inside Grid class, which adds complexity and limit expansions to serialisation into another formats.

Saving and loading content

To Save and/or load content, access Serialize object of grid.

This object include several important properties (Encoding, SeparatorChar, MultiLineChar) that are used in saving and loading routines. All this properties are set to default (most common) values.

Most common format for saving and loading Grid's content is CSV - textual file with coma separated values structure.


NextGrid61.SeparatorChar := ';'; if SaveDialog1.Execute then begin NextGrid61.Serialize.SaveToCSV(SaveDialog1.FileName); end;
NextGrid61.SeparatorChar := ';'; NextGrid61.MultiLineChar := '!'; if OpenDialog1.Execute then begin NextGrid61.Serialize.OpenFromCSV(OpenDialog1.FileName); end;

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