Before starting installation, download components from our Users Area ( You will need to log-in with your user credentials.

Zip distribution

After downloading file, extract archive into dedicated folder on your disk. Please note that in following guide <path> is representing path to the folder on your disk.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In Windows Vista or later you will maybe need to add Administrator privilegies to Next Suite 5 folder on your disk.


1. Open Delphi IDE
2. Open Tools → Library Path and add following paths:

<path>\Sources\Next Grid
<path>\Sources\Next DBGrid
<path>\Sources\Next Inspector
<path>\Sources\Next Sheet
<path>\Sources\Next Collection

3. Click on File → Open
4. Navigate to <path>\Packages\Delphi <version>
5. Open and Install packages in strictly following order:

Required for all components:
1. NxCommonRun_dx.dpk
2. NxCommonDsgn_dx.dpk

Required for NextGrid 5 component:
4. NxGridRun_dx.dpk
5. NxGridDsgn_dx.dpk

Required for NextDBGrid 5 component:
4. NxDBGridRun_dx.dpk
5. NxDBGridDsgn_dx.dpk

Required for NextInspector 5 component:
6. NxInspector6Run_dx.dpk
7. NxInspector6Dsgn_dx.dpk

Required for Next Collection 5 components:
8. NxCollectionRun_dx.dpk
9. NxCollectionDsgn_dx.dpk

Compilation errors

If Compilation stops on one of this packages, please contact us at and tell us:

1. Error message you got.
2. Name of package you can't install (don't try to install other packages beyond problematic one).

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