Before starting installation, download components from our Users area ( You will need to log-in with your user credentials.

NextSuite 6 is distributed via ZIP archive.

After downloading file, extract archive into dedicated folder on your disk (for example C:Components). Please note that in following guide <path> is representing path to the folder on your disk.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In Windows Vista or later you will maybe need to add Administrator privilegies to Next Suite 6 folder on your disk.


1. Open Delphi IDE
2. Open Tools → Library Path and add following paths:

<path>Next Suite 6\Sources
<path>Next Suite 6\Sources\Next Grid
<path>Next Suite 6\Sources\Next DBGrid
<path>Next Suite 6\Sources\Next Inspector
<path>Next Suite 6\Sources\Next Layout
<path>Next Suite 6\Sources\Next Collection

3. Click on File → Open
4. Navigate to <path>Next Suite 6\Packages\Delphi <version>
5. Open and Install packages in strictly following order:

Required for ALL components:
1. NxStandard6Run_dx.dpk
2. NxStandard6Dsgn_dx.dpk
3. NxLayoutRun_dx.dpk

Required for NextGrid6 and NextDBGrid6 components:
4. NxGrid6Run_dx.dpk
5. NxGrid6Dsgn_dx.dpk

Required for NextDBGrid6 component:
6. NxDBGrid6Run_dx.dpk
7. NxDBGrid6Dsgn_dx.dpk

Required for NextInspector6 component:
8. NxInspector6Run_dx.dpk
9. NxInspector6Dsgn_dx.dpk

Required for Next Collection 6 components:
10. NxCollection6Run_dx.dpk
11. NxCollection6Dsgn_dx.dpk

You need to install only packages required for component you need (and you have license).

Compilation errors

If Compilation stops on one of this packages, please contact us at and tell us:

1. Error message you got.
2. Name of package you can't install (don't try to install other packages beyond problematic one).

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