How To?

How to modify just added node after reading control properties?

After ReadProperties method is called, OnPropertyNodeAdded event can be used for fine adjustments of newly added node.

procedure TForm1.NextInspector61PropertyNodeAdded(Sender: TObject; Node: TNxInspectorNode6); begin if Node.Caption = 'Variable' then begin Node.CaptionFont.Color := clTeal; Node.Pin; end; if Node.Caption = 'VariableLocation' then begin Node.Pin; end; end;

Add another button inside Inlace Editor?

For this purpose use OnEditEnter event. This event occurs as soon edit starts. It provide handy parameters such as Node being edited and reference to the Inplace Editor itself.

procedure TForm1.NextInspector61EditEnter(Sender: TObject; Node: TNxInspectorNode6; InplaceEdit: INxInplaceEdit); var Button: TNxExecuteButton6; begin Button := TNxExecuteButton6.Create(InplaceEdit as TWinControl); Button.Parent := InplaceEdit as TWinControl; Button.Align := alRight; end;
You are not limited to NextSuite controls, and you can place other visual controls inside editor.

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