This event occurs before edit component is configured and shown. It provides opportunity to further adjust inplace-edit component with Component parameter.

property OnInplaceEditInsert: TNxInplaceEditInsertEvent read FOnInplaceEditInsert write FOnInplaceEditInsert;


Event is called before Text is set, therefore it's a good place for tasks such as adding Items into ComboBox component before ItemIndex is set.

After this event OnInplaceEditBounds event occurs.


procedure TForm1.NextGrid61InplaceEditInsert(Sender: TObject; ACol, ARow: Integer; Component: TComponent); begin if ACol = 1 then begin with Component as TListBoxEdit do begin Items.Add('George'); Items.Add('Lucia'); Items.Add('Michael'); Items.Add('Ann'); Items.Add('Ben'); end; end; end;

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