How to...

Add new row

nextGrid.AddRow(); // add 1 row nextGrid.AddRow(5); // add 5 rows

Add and fill new row

Since AddRow() method returns nxGridRow reference, you may use Fill method of nxGridRow to set cells in this row.

nextGrid1.AddRow().Fill(391.3, false, "Jeff", 4000);

Paint every second row in different Color

For this purpose GetCellColor event of nxGridView may be used:

private void nxReportGridView1_GetCellColor(object sender, NextSuite.nxCellColorEventArgs e) { // Check if cell currently painting is not selected if ((e.State & nxCellPaintState.Selected) == 0) { if (e.Y % 2 == 0) e.BackColor = Color.MintCream; } }

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