What's new in v6?

Grid Views

NextGrid v6 introducing a concept of grid views as separate objects.

NextGrid version 1-5 include 2 standard views:

1. Report
2. Slides.

Views have not been directly accessible to developers, and developers wasn't been able to extend this views easily.

In version 6 of NextGrid, developer is able to create as many views he want. Developer may set View's specific properties, clone or even destroy it. If view is created in design-time (via Views Editor), public variable inside TForm is also created (as for any other component placed on Form).

TForm1 = class(TForm) grSales: TNextGrid6; gvReport: TNxReportGridView; Button1: TButton; Edit1: TEdit; ... begin gvReport.HeaderHeight := 48; gvReport.GridLines := True;
Programming and extending views is now more flexible and easy. Developer is now able to write own views very easy. This architecture also gives us more room to extend built-in views and create new in future.

Writing new view is matter of hours.

Inplace editors

Inplace-editors now implement INxInplaceEdit interface. This is a huge news for everyone who want to use any control as Inplace-editor for editing cell.

Soon we will publish article about how to do this. Process is quite fast and straightforward.

uses NxEdit6; ... TMyTreeViewEdit = class(TTreeView, INxInplaceEdit) ...

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