Click on Next Suite 6 tab within Component Palette/Toolbox and pick NextGrid6 icon.

Click on form and control will be placed.

Step 1. Adding grid views

Grid must have one or more views such as Report, Slides etc. Only one view may be active at the time. This is controlled by ActiveView published property:

Views may be added in both design and run-time. After view is added, their properties may be set.

Some of the standard properties you maybe want to set are: ShowHeader, ShowFooter, GridLines etc.

If you need to add single, most commonly used Report view, simply click on plus button within grid.

After view is added, you may click on rectangle containing name of view to set their properties in Object Inspector as for any other control.

If you want to manage your views, or you want to add more than one type of view you need to open "Views Editor". Views Editor may be launched in several ways:

1. By clicking on dots button.
2. By clicking on ellipsis button beside Views property within Object Inspector.
3. By picking "Views Editor..." within Grid's context menu (right-click on control)

Step 2. Add & configure columns

In design-time columns need to be managed via "Columns Editor". To open Columns editor simply double-click on Grid.

Alternative, you may right-click on grid and pick "Columns Editor..." menu item.

This screenshot represents a window of Columns Editor.

New column may be added by simply clicking on Column's icon.

After you add all required columns by project, you may configure them by simply selecting column in editor and then edit their properties in Object Inspector.

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